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7 September 2010

No, not into the house. I’m actually moving from WordPress to Blogger. Gasp.

I know, I know. I really hate it when bloggers are all “change your bookmarks! I’m moving!” but it had to be done. Becauser seriously every time I try to comment on someone else’s blog, the stupid word thing comes up and I struggle with it two or three times and then it denies me. And I’ve realized that it has something to do with WordPress or WordPress + work’s firewalls.

Plus, let’s be honest. I’d like to have more than 3.5* readers. And they can’t come if I don’t build it, right?

So switch up your bookmark, son, so you can read my ramblings at a new url:

*Don’t worry, you’re not the .5. J is the .5 because he reads approximately 3% of the time. And I don’t need to worry about him feeling bad about being the .5 for this exact reason.


Bookin It

4 September 2010

I am reallllllllly feeling this book table that was first featured on Design*Sponge.

I saw it a few weeks ago, when it posted, but I forgot where I saw it. Today during lunch I went to the local Goodwill store to check out their furniture, and upon discovering a perfect chair for our new master bedroom, a lightning bolt flashed to this table idea for some reason. Unexplainable how my brain works.

Anyway, I was thinking how awesome it’d be to reupholster my new old chair (if it’s still there when I go back!) to put in the corner of our master bedroom, right next to one of these tables (attempted by me, of course!) and constructed out of books in the color palette of the room.

I’m literally drooling over my own idea right now. So lame.

What’s even more badass about this idea is that I don’t even have to scour the thrift stores for the books! And then PAY for them! Nope. Good ol’ Balmer has this community project called The Book Thing where you can donate and take as many books as you’d like – for free. For FREE, people! So I can scour there, instead. And they have way more books than even the biggest thrift store, so hopefully I wouldn’t have trouble finding the size and color of books that I’d need.

I’ve asked Angie to come along since I still need to give her their wedding present since I missed her sweet sweet wedding, and I’ll be right in her neighborhood (ahem, will I, Angie? ah, Baltimore’s Baltimore).

What would be even more badass would be if I added one of these – in a coordinating color, of course – on top:

This etsy seller, pommesfrites, takes vintage books and turns them into safes – for flasks (with a cutout in the shape of a flask!), money, ipods, jewelry, whatev – by precision-cutting the pages after gluing them together. She also sells little magnets made from vintage maps, and she’s extremely accommodating. She’ll take special requests for cities and everything. Great gift.

I actually bought one of her book safes a few months ago as a Christmas gift for… well, I can’t say who since it’s not Christmas yet! Anyway, one of these would be a great topper for my little side table because then I could store my reading glasses or whatever I wanted. Awesome.

Sometimes being this much of a genius is painful.

Painting Blows

3 September 2010

People love to paint.

You tell them you’re moving or just thinking of redoing a room, and they’re all, “Can I help?!”

And, to be honest, I’ve always been that way, too. An eager beaver craving a paint roller.

I don’t know why.

Painting is hell. Now instead of wanting actually paint with the paint roller, I want to do some demo work with it.

I also think it’s a bit more complicated than people make it seem. J’s dad officially confused me when he described the order in which you should paint. “Oh, but it’s different if there’s no crown molding”, “And it’s different if it’s a small space”.

Is he kidding me with this? How about I just slap some on and call it a finished project? Jesus. Like the order matters thaaaaaat much.

Okay. So maybe it does.

Yesterday I went around hastily putting up my favorite painter’s tape – Frog Tape – to get the office ready for my roller’s attack this afternoon. Only after finishing the taping-off project and rolling around to priming some other parts of the house did I realize, oh, I didn’t prime the trim. Whoops.

My solution? Just prime OVER the frog tape. I know, it’ll come out great. The tape’s going to pull off the edge of the primer I laid down. What can I say. When I get disgruntled, I take it out on the paint.

Okay, painting may be fun when you’re doing a room or a “cute piece of Goodwill furniture” that I read about all over the blogs. But when you’re faced with painting a whole house? Granted, a 960 square foot house, but a house none-the-less? Eh. Call me when it’s done.

Gag Me

2 September 2010

I witnessed the most disgusting display the other day.

Let me tell you about it.

My boss took our whole team out for a lunch to boost morale and introduce some new staff (me, included) to some of the older staff. My boss is a director, so I guess to the organization he’s pretty important. He also invited his boss, the VP. I sat right next to both of them.

On the other side of the VP sat a coworker of mine I’ll call The Creep.** Before anyone had arrived, he argued with my boss about ordering a beer, since we were at a brewery. At 11:30 in the morning. For work. Of course, my boss said no.

Then everyone (about 22 people) placed their orders, and we waited. The servers then started to bring out some appetizers, which we all thought was a mistake since none of us ordered them. Turns out The Creep did. Despite our organization faltering financially and pretty much struggling. Granted, I know that $50 in appetizers during a lunch for 20+ people won’t make our company go under. But it’s the principle of it. This is disgusting display #1. But it gets better.

Since he ordered the appetizers, they’re all coming to him. The soup he kept, which I understand because that’s not an appetizer. But the calamari, he took a huge handful and placed it directly on his plate. Literally half. And he kept the entirety of the sauce that came with it on his plate before sending down the basket for others to share.

The nachos he kept on his end of the table to share with a few people. Fine. The tower of onion rings, he enjoyed as well but then passed along for sharing, too.

We ended up waiting a while for our entrees. Every few minutes, I’d look over at him and he was still shoveling it in. In fact, toward the end of the nachos, he actually took his PERSONAL fork and proceeded to eat directly from the nachos plate. That other people were sharing. Or had been sharing, at least. Disgusting display #2.

But here’s the big whammy. Once the entrees finally come, he plays with his food for a bit before asking for…. a to-go box! He packaged up his ENTIRE lunch to take home. So not only was he looking for one free meal, he was looking for two. I seriously could not believe it. Disgusting display #3.

All of this while sitting directly next to the VP and across from the Director. And he’s an actual adult – like mid-40s with a family.

If I had been sitting next to him, I would have let. him. know.


In possibly more disgusting news, last night I was removing my bra and sliced one of my ragged-ass nails* across my other finger. When I inspected both fingers, I found the skin of the one finger UNDER the nail of the other. That’s foul. Foul, I tell you. Then said finger promptly started bleeding, so I put some Neosporin on it and a bandaid, and the blood came through the bandaid too. So gross.

*Manicures (self-given, but maniures none the less) and home renovation do not go together. Ohhhhh how I wait for the day that I can get a pedicure without worrying about paint smears ruining the job.
**I’ve actually called him this since Day 1, about six weeks ago, when we both started. It fits him perfectly. He’s talked to me about his au-pair***’s “well-developed” body and how he was shopping around for $1.4 million homes to buy – in cash.
***Yes, he has an au-pair. And a stay-at-home wife. Ridiculous.


1 September 2010

Holy shnikes.*

You are seriously never going to believe this.

I got caught today at work. Looking for a new job.**

Yeah. I know.

I can’t believe it either.

And not even caught-red-handed-at-my-desk-posting-my-resume caught. My boss somehow found out that I’d placed my resume back in “the marketplace”. Like, as in, he saw it with his own eyes or one of the company’s recruiters alerted him.

I can’t even imagine how red I turned during our meeting.

Thank goodness he’s super understanding. He’s been feeling my discomfort in this new position (with a new to-me company) for the past five weeks as, during our weekly meeting, he asks me to rate my feelings when I come into work on a scale of one to ten, and I’ve been consistently responding “3”.***

So, surprisingly, the vibe I got off him was that he was trying to convince me to stay! No punishment, no you’re-outta-here’s. Though he did ask me to explain why I’ve been looking for a new job. Despite its obviousness.

We talked it out, and I feel a bit better about my job. Though, then again, we meet every week and after every weekly meeting I “feel a bit better”. Then when I return to my desk, the dread sets in again and I go into panic mode.

Let’s just hope I can keep it calm until I settle in some more. Whew.


In more exciting news, it’s our black pug’s third birthday today. Happy birthday, V!

*That’s right. I’m bringing it back.
** !!!!!!!!
***During our first meeting, it was a 2. At least I’m honest!

Smile City

31 August 2010

… A follow-up to Gripe City, yesterday’s post.

Though my cranky pants are merely dirty, getting washed and will probably be available for wear here again soon, I’m trying to look through all the this-paint-color-is-ugly-and-let’s-tear-down-that-wall-no-that-one bs and really discover the things that I love so far about being a homeowner (!). Here goes:

{} I love that J calls me the “Money Manager”. All those years honing my Excel skills (and money-counting) have really paid off.
{} I love that in a few weeks, I’ll be sleeping in MY house.
{} I love that the yard is OUR yard to do with what we want.
{} I love that if the paint colors are in fact ugly or if we tear down the wrong wall, no one will really care except us.
{} I love that I have a “project” that will keep me occupied for the unforseeable future (though I still want one of those baby things, too!)
{} I love that J and I were able to save such a hefty amount of money and still live our lives happily. I don’t and won’t look back on the past year and think of it as the year “we saved”. Because, let’s be honest, I’ll ALWAYS be on a budget and I’ll ALWAYS be a saver.

And hopefully this weekend I’ll FINALLY be able to get some photographs off of J’s camera to share with you, but projects are moving so quickly that I might have a bit of a backlog to get through. I’ll catch you up, though!

Gripe City

30 August 2010

I have my cranky pants on today.  Not that you’re here to read my gripes, but here they are:

{1} Our inspector guy should learn to, well, inspect.  J says that if he did his job correctly, we wouldn’t actually have been able to get a mortgage for our house because of all the electrical problems it has.  J spent the entirety of the weekend rewiring the house – and paying an electrician to help with the rest.  Still not done.

{2} Sinks suck.  Our kitchen sink decided to pour its pipey contents all over our newly installed electrical box (see #1 above).  And the sink is still leaky with no evident reason.  Add it to the list.

{3} Blue painter’s tape sucks.  Frog tape – a bit better.  The blue painter’s tape ripped off my white trim paint as well as the primer on the wall in the bathroom.  My attempt at avoiding the dreaded cutting-in has resulted in more work in the end.  Note to self: don’t take shortcuts.

{4} The Home Depot paint people are not always the friendliest.  And sometimes they can’t hear or spell.  This weekend I came home with Ice Flower when I wanted Ice Floe – and even painted some of it on the wall.  Fantastic when you have to return paint in the middle of… painting.

{5} Our backyard is bug city.  But my brain must be going buggy because yesterday I decided to sit in the grass without bug spray to paint something.  Not smart.  It looks like I have chicken pox, round 3.  And I’m scratching like a fiend.  Not cute.

{6} Painting when electricity is off is not fun.  This weekend I could see literal beads of sweat lined up with each leg pore.  Gross.

And I think I’ll leave it at six for now because that’s all you or I can take.

In better news, Dexter should be returning this September and I. cannot. wait.