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Bookin It

4 September 2010

I am reallllllllly feeling this book table that was first featured on Design*Sponge.

I saw it a few weeks ago, when it posted, but I forgot where I saw it. Today during lunch I went to the local Goodwill store to check out their furniture, and upon discovering a perfect chair for our new master bedroom, a lightning bolt flashed to this table idea for some reason. Unexplainable how my brain works.

Anyway, I was thinking how awesome it’d be to reupholster my new old chair (if it’s still there when I go back!) to put in the corner of our master bedroom, right next to one of these tables (attempted by me, of course!) and constructed out of books in the color palette of the room.

I’m literally drooling over my own idea right now. So lame.

What’s even more badass about this idea is that I don’t even have to scour the thrift stores for the books! And then PAY for them! Nope. Good ol’ Balmer has this community project called The Book Thing where you can donate and take as many books as you’d like – for free. For FREE, people! So I can scour there, instead. And they have way more books than even the biggest thrift store, so hopefully I wouldn’t have trouble finding the size and color of books that I’d need.

I’ve asked Angie to come along since I still need to give her their wedding present since I missed her sweet sweet wedding, and I’ll be right in her neighborhood (ahem, will I, Angie? ah, Baltimore’s Baltimore).

What would be even more badass would be if I added one of these – in a coordinating color, of course – on top:

This etsy seller, pommesfrites, takes vintage books and turns them into safes – for flasks (with a cutout in the shape of a flask!), money, ipods, jewelry, whatev – by precision-cutting the pages after gluing them together. She also sells little magnets made from vintage maps, and she’s extremely accommodating. She’ll take special requests for cities and everything. Great gift.

I actually bought one of her book safes a few months ago as a Christmas gift for… well, I can’t say who since it’s not Christmas yet! Anyway, one of these would be a great topper for my little side table because then I could store my reading glasses or whatever I wanted. Awesome.

Sometimes being this much of a genius is painful.

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  1. 6 September 2010 11:00 am

    I love this idea! and yes you do have some genius creative juices flowing in your brain!! 🙂

    • 6 September 2010 2:14 pm

      You’re so sweet! Now I just need a genius lightning bolt for how to connect the books to each other. Liquid nails? What do you think?

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