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Gripe City

30 August 2010

I have my cranky pants on today.  Not that you’re here to read my gripes, but here they are:

{1} Our inspector guy should learn to, well, inspect.  J says that if he did his job correctly, we wouldn’t actually have been able to get a mortgage for our house because of all the electrical problems it has.  J spent the entirety of the weekend rewiring the house – and paying an electrician to help with the rest.  Still not done.

{2} Sinks suck.  Our kitchen sink decided to pour its pipey contents all over our newly installed electrical box (see #1 above).  And the sink is still leaky with no evident reason.  Add it to the list.

{3} Blue painter’s tape sucks.  Frog tape – a bit better.  The blue painter’s tape ripped off my white trim paint as well as the primer on the wall in the bathroom.  My attempt at avoiding the dreaded cutting-in has resulted in more work in the end.  Note to self: don’t take shortcuts.

{4} The Home Depot paint people are not always the friendliest.  And sometimes they can’t hear or spell.  This weekend I came home with Ice Flower when I wanted Ice Floe – and even painted some of it on the wall.  Fantastic when you have to return paint in the middle of… painting.

{5} Our backyard is bug city.  But my brain must be going buggy because yesterday I decided to sit in the grass without bug spray to paint something.  Not smart.  It looks like I have chicken pox, round 3.  And I’m scratching like a fiend.  Not cute.

{6} Painting when electricity is off is not fun.  This weekend I could see literal beads of sweat lined up with each leg pore.  Gross.

And I think I’ll leave it at six for now because that’s all you or I can take.

In better news, Dexter should be returning this September and I. cannot. wait.

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  1. 30 August 2010 12:34 pm

    oh goodness… these things suck… but all i’m imagining is the end product and how beautiful it will be and how jealous those youngsters will be too! you’ll get there!

    (and if you need help painting and such, we are down.)

  2. 30 August 2010 9:22 pm

    Hang in there!! Call me if you need help this week! 🙂


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