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Smile City

31 August 2010

… A follow-up to Gripe City, yesterday’s post.

Though my cranky pants are merely dirty, getting washed and will probably be available for wear here again soon, I’m trying to look through all the this-paint-color-is-ugly-and-let’s-tear-down-that-wall-no-that-one bs and really discover the things that I love so far about being a homeowner (!). Here goes:

{} I love that J calls me the “Money Manager”. All those years honing my Excel skills (and money-counting) have really paid off.
{} I love that in a few weeks, I’ll be sleeping in MY house.
{} I love that the yard is OUR yard to do with what we want.
{} I love that if the paint colors are in fact ugly or if we tear down the wrong wall, no one will really care except us.
{} I love that I have a “project” that will keep me occupied for the unforseeable future (though I still want one of those baby things, too!)
{} I love that J and I were able to save such a hefty amount of money and still live our lives happily. I don’t and won’t look back on the past year and think of it as the year “we saved”. Because, let’s be honest, I’ll ALWAYS be on a budget and I’ll ALWAYS be a saver.

And hopefully this weekend I’ll FINALLY be able to get some photographs off of J’s camera to share with you, but projects are moving so quickly that I might have a bit of a backlog to get through. I’ll catch you up, though!

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  1. 31 August 2010 2:19 pm

    yes! photos please! and enjoy your stay in smile city!

    haha! so cheesy!

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