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Velvety Goodness

4 August 2010

This afternoon I spent hurriedly browsing the aisles of Joann Fabrics, one of my favorite places to be.  A lovely etsy customer asked me to craft her a custom listing, so off I went.

I bought these two ribbons to make a belt, like this.

The inner ribbon is a rich velvet in black.  The outer is my attempt at “olive green”.  I guess it depends on the olive, right?  The green ribbon has a gauzy lineny texture to it.  I’m dying to make a headband out of it if my customer* chooses to go with the black velvet instead.  We shall see.

I’ll try to remember to post the finished product, though you know I’m horrible with posting photographs on the blog.  Something about taking photographs, then sitting at my computer with the cable, transferring them over to my computer, then editing them, then uploading them bores me to death.  I don’t like technology and it doesn’t like me.**

I spent all of a portion of my morning dreaming up a new shop.  It’d have tons of brightly colored, shiny household objects.  Reclaimed, of course.  Maybe it’s the {future} homeowner in me, but I’ve had a much more serious interest in home furnishings recently.  Perhaps after we get settled***, I’ll open that bad boy up.  I can have two shops, right?  Why not.  I’ll probably do some practice runs on some items for my own house and see how they turn out.  After all, I’m filled with ideas but sometimes the execution is, well, lacking.

Ahhh.  I’m off to cozy up to my man and craft my little heart out.

*I wish I had another word for this.  Not client.  Waaay too B2B.  Even customer feels cold.  Have any suggestions?

**I can’t wait for the option to wirelessly upload your photographs.  Oh, it already exists?  Yeah, I don’t earn $300,000 a year and therefore can’t afford that technology.  Maybe one day.

***Hello, 2014.

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  1. 5 August 2010 7:03 am

    Completely unrelated. I was at Anthropologie today and saw this beautiful blue rotary telephone in the sale section and I got lost in my thoughts…

    that’s a beautiful phone, i wonder if it works….
    but we don’t have a phoneline at home….
    oh, look at all this beautiful stuff!
    i wish i had a house….
    beth has a house….
    i wonder if she likes blue phones???

    that’s pretty much how it went. three hours at the mall and i leave with 2 pairs of jeggings, dreams of a blue phone, and without the dress i was there for in the first place.

  2. 5 August 2010 7:34 am

    I love it. That at least you can live somewhat vicariously through my house until you buy your own. But perhaps you’ll have a little bean first and I can live vicariously through you. Fingering clothes in the Baby Gap (okay, couldn’t afford it, but you get the idea!) in all shades of the rainbow. Can’t wait!

    PS: I miss your blogging. No pressure, but I’ll be happy when you resume!

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