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28 July 2010

One of my guilty (okay, not so guilty) pleasures is Bethenny Getting Married, and, more importantly, almost anything Bravo.

Recently I was watching an episode of Bethenny Getting Married (oh DVR, how I love you.  Add that to the {} little things {} list), and she said that, during the episode, it was perhaps the first time she had eaten something from a street vendor.  As a food expert and chef*, Bethenny Frankel’s lack of street meat experience really got to me.  I am still thinking about it, to be honest.  Especially since I had a tasty hot dog slathered in relish and mustard from a “street vendor” for lunch in the industrial park where I work.

I’m wondering – does she think street meat isn’t good enough?  As in, quality of the food?  Because there, maybe I can agree.  Okay, I can really agree.  It’s definitely not something you eat if you’re watching your figure or trying to eat more healthily.

But if it’s about taste, then…  I’m beginning to doubt her “expert” opinion.  Because what could be better than bread, mustard, pickles sliced and diced, and some unidentifiable meat?  I think it’s going to be dangerous working down the street from a hot dog stand now.  As in, I may begin to resemble one.  Yikes.

What are your guilty pleasure?

*Or, as Crazy would say, cook

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  1. 28 July 2010 3:09 pm

    I wish there was a hot dog cart here! Lucky!

    My guilty pleasure would have to be wedding blogs…. I’m sure that will end soon. And Degrassi. Laptop is closed, phone is on silent and the tv is on at 9PM. Haha!

  2. April permalink
    28 July 2010 6:13 pm

    I have also gotten caught up in Bethenney’s show. I watched it while I was housesitting and now I don’t want to miss an episode. She is such a healthy girl that maybe she hasn’t been clued in on how good street meat can be and taste??

  3. Veda permalink
    29 July 2010 7:27 am

    Anyone else get bothered by the Bravo promo where Bethenny is standing there with her legs wide open? I keep feeling like a baby will drop out or something. I guess one did eventually…..

    Also regarding street meat…Everyday when my parents go to work I sneak out of the house and get a hot dog from 7-11. This essentially is a form of street meat. To hell with the weight gain, to hell with the gas, to hell with the haters! I’ll keep eating this beautiful meat stick for the rest of my life!!

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