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Decorate This

27 July 2010

Good morning, blogging world!

J and I cannot stand waiting around to get our keys for our new house!  We’ve been dreaming up some calming paint colors, some bolder, more exciting paint colors, and even some pretty and feminine paint colors.  But guess what – we have a whole house to decorate!

The anxiety of being responsible* for decorating the entire house, though, is starting to get to me.  True, we can change paint colors easily and inexpensively enough, and true, when you choose “classic” furnishings and add pops of color in accessories, you’re hardly breaking the bank when you want to switch things up.  But my over-achiever type-A self wants to perform well and perform well right away.  None of this oh-whoops-that-looks-bad-let-me-change-it.  I’m a wow-I-knew-my-instincts-were-spot-on kind of girl.  Or at least that’s what I strive to be.

I think the best technique for figuring out how I want to decorate my (entire!) house is to literally cheat.  Find professionally styled rooms on the blogs and in magazines and just copy my favorite parts.  Because let’s be honest, I may be able to eyeball a good look, but assembling it myself isn’t exactly my forte.

How do you guys navigate the process of decorating large spaces?  Do you blunder through or tackle it head-on?  Cheat with glossies or dream up picture-perfect arrangements that you execute without a sweat?  Do tell.

*Because, let’s face it – J isn’t one for picking furnishings and accent accessories for entire rooms – though he has really gotten into the DIY and HGTV shows.  Like, so much so that last night while we were watching one he said, “Oh, I’ve already seen this episode”.  You know that’s a sign that you’ve been watching too many home improvement shows.

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  1. 29 July 2010 2:05 am

    thank you, good information

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