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Superstitions, Confirmed

17 June 2010

Well it seems that my fear of discussing that one house that J and I liked was well-founded because I jinxed it.  It’s under contract now, literally a few hours before we were prepared to put in an offer.  Okay, I’m not that superstitious, but it does kind of figure.  And the reason that we didn’t get our offer in earlier is because our loan officer was at a bachelor party + wedding in Miami over the weekend.  So his evening of debauchery cost us our ideal home*.

I know, that’s a bit harsh.

I’m really not placing the blame on him, I’m just kidding.  But it does make me worry how quickly you need to move if you find something you really like.  Which is why I’ve canceled on my friends tonight (“cancel” may not be right since we all forgot about our yoga class, but you get my drift) to prowl the streets and find our next ideal home.  The way I see it, if we find one we like from the outside tonight, we can set up an appointment to see the inside with our real estate agent this weekend, which will hopefully segue into a quick approval, offer draft, and offer submission by Monday of next week.  Whew.

This house stuff isn’t all unicorns and roses, my friends.  It’s been a much more emotional 12-days-and-counting ride than I thought it would be.  And as much as I said I was willing to wait, it’s a total blower when you start daydreaming about how you’ll decorate one particular home, then that beautiful window-shopped Crate + Barrel rug gets yanked right out from under you, and you’re left with no home to dream about, for the moment anyway.

Because I’m not patient, the WAITING is what kills me.  I’m also a control-freak, so pair that with waiting and I’m left with a shell of myself, anxious and desperate for news.  Some news.  Any news.  Just give me news!

Stir all of those neuroses into a pot of disappointment when it comes to getting the loan we want, and you’re left with an undercooked porridge that the three bears wouldn’t want.  Alright, don’t know where I was going with that one, but you get my drift.

Here’s to a good evening of home searching!

*“Ideal home” might be a bit strong.  The property (I sound well-versed in industry language, don’t I?) needed a LOT of cosmetic work, but that was okay with us – partially because we’d love to turn into this (okay, maybe not quite, but you get the idea) and partially because the loan that was required of all buyers was a renovation loan, so we would have to build money into our loan for work with a contractor anyway.  And the neighborhood was our top choice, so really how could we go wrong?  Only now are we realizing what a steal that house really was.  Damn.

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  1. 17 June 2010 1:59 pm

    You always want what you can’t have…

    I noticed while I was hunting for used wedding dresses on Once Wed, the ones marked “sold” were always the ones I whined about not having. Then I’d go to the designers website to look at the dress and 9 times out of 10 I’d think, “hmm… I don’t really like that dress. And I probably wouldn’t be happy in it.” Not that I’m deducing your house hunting to a wedding gown, but that’s what I immediately thought of.

    Sorry that house didn’t work out. You’re going to hate hearing this (because I know I do, although I know it’s true), all things happen the way their supposed to.

    You will blow those Youngsters out of the water, btw.

    • 17 June 2010 2:24 pm

      Ahmen. Because I’m known to be a bit melodramatic, both J and my bff D said, “it’s okay! it’s okay! don’t worry about it, something else will come up” when I told them the news about the house being off the market – like they were expecting me to freak out. And I think if I had felt really strongly that that was OUR house, I would have reacted negatively. But strangely enough, I felt relief when I discovered it was off the market. I’m trying to reassure myself that that feeling of relief was my intuition saying, “ha, I told you so”, knowing that it wouldn’t work out – for a reason. So I know our house is still out there. Just appear sooner rather than later, please!

      You’re so sweet. ALWAYS want what I can’t have. Damn.

  2. 17 June 2010 6:39 pm

    “Stir all of those neuroses into a pot of disappointment when it comes to getting the loan we want, and you’re left with an undercooked porridge that the three bears wouldn’t want. ”

    I love your writing!! So clever! 🙂

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