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Old Boss

26 May 2010

Ehhh, bosses.

Mostly I’ve had fine bosses, though for two years I had a really bad boss.

I know you’re not supposed to talk about work much on blogs, so I’m not going to say much about my current boss – except that she’s awesome and deserves this week’s {} little things in life {}, though perhaps it should be called {} bigs things in life {}in this case: having a great boss.

But back to the bad boss.  She was controlling, extremely OCD, a micromanager, judgmental, snobbish, pretentious.  Oh, and she hated onions and Taco Bell.  To the point where I wouldn’t bring Taco Bell into the office (we had one in our university’s cafeteria, which was awesome) for fear that she’d treat me like crap for the rest of the day.  One of my friends, R, even suggested I leave old TB wrappers in the vents after I left so Old Boss could enjoy their wafting aroma for weeks after I was gone.

I helped set up special events.  During set-up, I’d arrange all the cans of soda, and she’d come behind me and rearrange them – which says a lot considering I’m OCD myself and must have everything at right angles, labels directly out, straight lines, etc.  I had to second-guess myself all day every day.  I felt like a prisoner in my job.  I know that sounds dramatic, but I always had that nagging feeling of “What if I’m not doing this correctly?  Well enough?”

Over the two years I worked for Old Boss, things just got worse.  When we met, she seemed cool enough, and since she was young I foolishly assumed that she’d be a reasonable boss.  But her controlling outbursts were common – and evident to even the group of student volunteers we oversaw.  The volunteers – very smart college-aged students – would approach me and complain that she was treating them like elementary schoolers.  They’d ask how I could stand working for her.  There wasn’t much I could say.  They were right.  I just tried to give them as much respect as I could and remembered that they were volunteers, available to help us because they wanted to (okay, and to pad their resumes a bit), not because they worked for us or were lesser in any way than us.

I remember one day, just a few weeks before the end of my assistantship, I actually caught Old Boss rolling her eyes at me!  Can you believe that?  And it was because I didn’t help her lift a box into her car that she already had in her arms.  Usually she refused that sort of help, so by this point I wasn’t offering.

I left the experience with a tarnished memory of the university.  Sure, it was tarnished by other things as well, but now when I go back to the town where my campus was, I actually cringe.  She was horrible.  The job was horrible because of her.  I’m just thankful that I was able to get paid to go to school while doing it.

So Old Boss, you can suck it.  And New Boss, you rock.

Do you guys have any boss horror stories?  I hope not!

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  1. 27 May 2010 8:12 am

    OMG! She rolled her eyes at you?! EW! That stinks you can’t go back to your college town without cringing, but I know what you mean. But yes, new boss definitely rocks!

    Speaking of bad old bosses. When I left my first job, my old boss (the ‘new’ because she had only been for five months) reamed me out when I told her I was looking for a new job. She seriously yelled at me, told me I was committing career suicide and that no one would hire me again for leaving in the middle of an academic year. Fast forward to the beginning of May and she leaves her job! Doesn’t say anything except- “I got a new job and I’m starting in two weeks.” Obviously she went out an interviewed at her husband’s institution without telling any of the staff (and she got mad at me for being honest with her!). What a b****. AND. She didn’t even show up for the last few big end of the year events (including commencement) she was supposed to staff. I have no respect for her and to make sure she knew that, I didn’t go to her goodbye party. So Ha!


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