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12 May 2010

I get up around 6 and start to get ready for work in the bathroom.  Two of our three dogs get ready with me, one in front of the space heater and the other in one of the dog beds in the bathroom.

The one that lays in the dog bed usually chews at her feet the. whole. time.  I find the slapping and slopping sounds really repulsive, so I usually yell at her a few times each morning.  Well, this morning she began her usual sounds, but as I turned to look down and yell at her, I noticed a big red spot on the bottom of one of her paws.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that she’d…. wait for it…. ripped off one of her paw pads, and it was completely raw.  Even writing this makes my stomach hurt.

The entire black pad for one of her toes was gone.  Like gone-gone, raw-spongy-flesh-bleeding-and-exposed gone.  She didn’t seem upset, but it upset me.  I yelled for J, who came running.  Poor J.  He was probably so disoriented.

He inspected it and then went to the car to fetch our pet first aid kit (thanks, Nanc!).  He cleaned it with an antibiotic wipe and wrapped it in bandages*.  Then we had to tape a little baggie around it for when she went outside so it wouldn’t get too wet.

Poor thing.  She was walking very awkwardly at first, and I was worried it was because her paw was sore, but I think it was mostly because she didn’t like the bandage.  She straightened out pretty quickly.  I even offered to sign her cast.

J called the vet, who said we he did everything correctly.  It has the chance to get infected, so we have to watch her closely and she should avoid walking on hard surfaces.

I worry so much when my dogs get sick or injured!  I can’t imagine what it must be like to have a baby.

I found the wound to be so disgustingly repulsive – mostly because I couldn’t imagine losing the whole pad of my foot – that I felt sick.  Plus, I think she chewed it off and swallowed it, which made me feel sick thinking about too.  Ehhhh.

*Reason #293 why I love him!

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  1. 12 May 2010 3:27 pm

    oh my gosh, poor puppy!!!! at least she wasn’t too affected by it.

    i know how you feel. i’m always getting scared one of the cats will dislocate their tail or something! and when they rub their cheeks against sharp corners…. it gives me chills. gross.

  2. 12 May 2010 7:49 pm

    I just gagged like three times reading that. yuck! I hope she’s ok!

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