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The Weekend Wrap-Up

11 May 2010

Sorry this is late.

Ha.  I just typed Weekend Warp-Up instead.  That feels appropriate at times.

This weekend was pretty busy.  J and I got a lot done.

{} Friday my two bffs came over, and all four us dined on some delicious Chipotle before watching Iron Man in preparation for Iron Man 2.  I fell asleep about halfway through.  Luckily I’ve seen it before.

{} Saturday J brought me Double D in bed {so sweet; Reason #425} while I enjoyed some of my favorite bad reality shows.

{} We ran a ton of errands and drove past that cute stucco house with the white mailbox.  Turns out the neighborhood = not so cute.  A total bummer, but at least we’re narrowing our possible locations.

{} J cooked some premarinated chicken on the grill in the windstorm, and we watched I Love You, Man with my mom.  I fell asleep at about… can you guess?… the middle of the movie.  Luckily I’ve seen it before, too.

{} My mom, sister, and I went to DSW for Mother’s Day and then had a nice lunch.  Then I went to my dad’s house to hang out with my stepmom for a bit.  We had salmon on the grill, which is always tasty, and some strawberry shortcake.

{} I came home, exhausted, and went to bed.  This week’s my day off, thank goodness!

You guys have such busy weekends?  I bet.

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  1. 11 May 2010 10:57 am

    Our weekend was so busy! We were at the beach for a wedding and, fortunately, we were able to dodge the three different bar fights my family got into. THREE. Two the night before the wedding and one the night of. My dad’s family is a rowdy bunch.

    Driving around potential neighborhoods is a great idea! We did that once and I fell asleep in the car. Haha!

    Thank goodness for the short week this week!

  2. 11 May 2010 3:45 pm

    I take “cinema” naps! lol I can’t wait to see Iron Man two! Maybe this coming weekend we can get a sitter. Our kiddos saw the first one last week and now my son is all about IM.
    I’m hoping the 2nd one is okay for them to see…we plan on seeing it first.

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