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Little Things In Life

9 May 2010

Though I don’t always LOVE when blogs have specific days designated to specific topics, sometimes it’s nice.  And while I probably won’t strictly adhere to posting this on any particular day, I think it’d be nice to indroduce a “Little Things In Life” post that I’ll do weekly.

It’ll help us all refocus our hectic and sometimes frustrating lives and allow us a moment to think of one {or two or tons!} thing that’s simple and perfect just the way it is.

I’ll kick it off, but feel free to post in the comments your {} little thing {}  for the week.

One of the little things in life that gets me every time is when my three dogs greet me after work.  “Happiness is… a warm puppy” could not be more true!  (I loved that book growing up.  Wouldn’t it make a great baby shower gift* ?)

{ Happiness is a Warm Puppy, Peanuts book }

{ Happiness is a Warm Puppy, Peanuts book }

*Annnnnnd right back to the consumerism.  At least I got one {} little thing {} off my chest first.

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