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No Doubt!

29 April 2010

One of my all-time favorite bands is No Doubt.  I can be in a horrible mood, but listening to their songs just peps me up.

I consider my ears to be quite delicate.  {I know you’re smiling right now. }  I don’t like loud sounds or overstimulation, so usually I limit my music-listening to the car { I ALWAYS listen to music in the car when I’m by myself, as I assume most people do } and at work if I’m feeling zoned out.  Don’t love music at parties, while hanging out with friends, during dinner, while working on a sewing project by myself, etc.  My MP3 player’s earbuds only experience love trysts with my ears while on airplanes.

But back to the point.  No Doubt is the best, especially LOUD.  I’d like to be Gwen Stefani if I could.  Okay, maybe not, but it’d definitely be cool to be one of her friends.  Lame, I know.

{ Gwen Stefani, co }

{ Gwen Stefani, co }

My bffs and I saw No Doubt last summer on their reunion (?) tour.  It was flippin awesome.  Probably the best concert I’ve ever been to.  I recently looked up their tour dates for this year, but nothing.  Maybe it was a one-tour thing?  I hope not.

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  1. 29 April 2010 3:27 pm

    Sunday morning = best song ever.
    Return to Saturn = best album.

    And is it 4:30 yet?

  2. Cassy permalink
    5 May 2010 12:17 pm

    just came across your blog on loberplacemat’s blog post– LOVE everything you make!! AND you love NO DOUBT. I am an offical follower and am searching your ETSY for some hair love.


    • 5 May 2010 1:49 pm

      You’re so nice! Thank you!

      And I may just offer you the No Doubt fanclub discount if you find something you like!

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