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Thrift Me, Please

9 April 2010

Give me three free hours near my favorite thrift store, and I’ll take them all.

We just got back from our trip Tuesday night, LATE, after 12 hours of straight travel.  Since I work 9.5 hour days at work, taking a few days off for a trip is even more crippling to my vacation leave, so I try to make up as much as I can within the two-week pay period, which leaves me working .5-1 hour extra every day for the remainder of this week and next.

Last night, I got off at 5 and had some things to do at home but figured I’d swing by the thrift store on my way home (Mondays and Thursdays are 25% off, so I only go on those days… hey, I can look for a deal even at the thrift store!) to look for some fabric for my new custom order {6 hair pins for a DC bride’s bridesmaids… in hot pink; so excited!}.  I told myself I’d look only for the fabric, for a dress for J’s sister’s wedding coming up in a few weeks, and for a gift for a friend that I’m going to customize {can’t say because she might be reading!}.

Tell me why I spent an hour in there.  Fortunately for me but not for my time, my favorite thrift store is .5 miles from work, on my way home, and a double thrift store – for some reason it has two stores that are exactly alike, layout and all, within one building.  Which means that I get to paruse racks and racks – and then racks and racks.

I left with no material, no dress, and no gift.  But I did find a soft V-neck cotton T – with yellow stitching integrated into the design, so DIY! – and a little yellow striped sack that I’ll use for cosmetics during travel.  If you’d let me, I’d buy 20 of these even though I only need 2 or 3 for my bathroom stuff when I travel.  It’s ridiculous.  But at $1.99 – and then 25% off – I can’t feel too bad about collecting them.

I left $47.2 and 1 hour poorer, but richer in my happiness.  Thrift stores calm me.

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