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IKEA, here I come

23 March 2010

I received some much-craved acknowledgement for all my hard work today at work, by my boss’s boss, so I’m quite happy with that.  It’s been a good day.

I’m off to IKEA after work for some gifts.  I have what feels like a gazillion weddings to go to this year and next, so I thought I’d start my gift stock early.

This past weekend I went to a bridal party where I gave one of these:

{ komplement, }

{ komplement, }

I literally have probably six of these at home.  They are seriously FANTASTIC.  And at $8 a piece, they’re a pretty good solution to a crowded closet.

Right now I have one that holds my dresses (yes, it wrinkles them, but it encourages me to iron more!), one for my skirts, and one for my dresses and skirts overflow.  Yes, I have a lot of dresses and skirts, considering each of these holds 28 pieces.

I also have one that holds my stockings, leggings, belts, and fashion scarves.  Another that holds my winter scarves and gloves and hats.  And once we move, I hope to have even more!  I’m sure I’ll find something to put in them.

Anyway, I gave one to a family friend this weekend at her bridal party.  Everyone thought it was the greatest idea – and gave me credit as though I invented it!  I had already bought one for a friend’s housewarming (Y, I hope you’re not reading this!), but now I’ve decided EVERYONE must have one.  So I’m off to IKEA to buy six more.

Plus I’m going to buy some fabric to make matching aprons for my coworker and her fiance to give as their wedding gift.  Won’t that be so cute?  Once I make them I’ll share some pictures!

Oh, and happy birthday, Joshua!  I love you!

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