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Sew Busy

22 March 2010

On Saturday I awoke to J telling me that I had another sale on my etsy shop!  The buyer this time is from Sweden.  Pretty sweet, huh?  (I’ll probably to continue to share my sales until at least the tenth!  Sorry, but I’m excited!!!)

Anyway, Friday was my Regular Day Off (RDO) from work, so I stayed home and did some non-shop crafts.  For instance, I transformed this:

{ chair and cushion, before }

{ chair and cushion, before }

into this:

{ chair cushion, after }

{ chair cushion, after }

I know, they’re both pretty sad, but right now I’m using this folding chair as my craft chair.  I was using an old pillow to sit on, but it was such an eyesore – even more so than the chair – and it was an awkward shape, so it bothered me every time I walked past it.

I got this material at the thrift store.  It was a duvet cover – a king, at that – so it offered plenty of material to work with.

I think the entire project cost me about $3 since I bought the duvet on a 20% off day and already owned the chair and pillow.  All I did was measure the pillow and cut it so that it became a square.  I sewed up the side that I had cut so the stuffing wouldn’t get jostled around.  Then I made a simple slipcover for the square pillow out of this loud and fun material.

Granted, it won’t exactly match the color scheme of my future craft room, but maybe I’ll be able to find another place for it in the house?  Like the floor, for the dogs?  Their favorite color is orange, by the way.

A few more shots for your viewing pleasure:

I also made a new mp3 holder for my Zune.  I had made one a few weeks ago but put a little too much batting in it, so it was too tight to hold my zune with its protective covering on it.  Here’s the updated model, which I used this weekend:

Now I can tote my tunes in style.

And now J wants one.  He’s so cute.

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  1. 24 March 2010 1:26 pm

    Those turned out great, I love the fabric! I have a thing for orange. Love your blog and your shop is fantastic!

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