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18 March 2010


I just got featured in my first treasury – on Tuesday night!

Because the treasuries don’t work for me at work – firewalls and all that – I have never really done much digging in them.  In fact, when I got the convo from the person who chose my item to feature, I didn’t know what to do.

I think I wrote something like:

“Thanks so much!  I’m really excited! ……. Do I need to DO anything?”

Obviously I’m new at this.

So she explained that I should pass around the link to the treasury and get other etsians to comment on the items so that we can make it to the front page.

Ummm.  (a) Are treasuries basically pre-front pages?  Do treasuries with a lot of comments turn into front pages?  I had no idea!

(b) When I checked, about 4 hours after she sent me that note, at home, there were only as many commenters as there were shops featured.  Ha!

It was VERY cool though, to be chosen.  What an honor that someone else wanted to highlight my work.

I thought I’d include a little snapshot here to document my first treasury!  I assume the treasury is down now though, right?  That’s my mustard yellow wool felt headband in the middle!

{ FancyThatCookies Treasury featuring milkmoneyshop! }

{ FancyThatCookies Treasury featuring milkmoneyshop! }

Flippin sweet, if you ask me.

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