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High and Low

16 March 2010

I made my first sale!  Woooooooooo!

{ Handmade Wool Felt Headband - eggshell by milkmoneyshop }

{ Handmade Wool Felt Headband - eggshell by milkmoneyshop }

I was checking my shop last night and discovered it.  Immediately I started smiling and got those tingly feelings like you did in middle school when you found out that the boy you liked actually liked you back.

I went to get J to share the good news!  We gave each other ten and then went down to check out the shipping information for the first glorious buyer – who, might I add, had already paid!

Because he has his own business and sells regularly on ebay, J’s aware of all the scams.  So as soon as he saw that the buyer had a Denmark address that was unconfirmed, the high eroded.  He said it’s possible that the paypal account information had been stolen and that I should just check with the buyer, via email, to confirm the shipping address.

Now you can bet that I’ve been stalking my gmail since then.  That was around 7:30 last night.  Now, 16.5 hour later, I’m wondering why I haven’t heard back from my buyer.

Has this ever happened to you?  I’ve read in the forums that all international addresses come up as unconfirmed according to PayPal, but I’m not sure I’m ready to believe that.

If you have any advice, I’d certainly welcome it!  And in the meantime, here’s to a mental cartwheel for my first sale!

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  1. 16 March 2010 11:26 am

    Hmm, I wouldn’t be quite so fast to dismiss it. I have never personally had any experience with a sale to Denmark or know of any scams related to it. But the fact that they’ve actually paid already is a good sign. I suppose the fear is that they will turn around and request a refund through Paypal? As for emailing them, sometimes it takes people much longer than a day to respond. It’s really frustrating when you’re by your computer and email all day long and can check and answer them as you get them (as I do!), but not everyone can do that. Also, make sure the email address is the same on Etsy as it is on Paypal, many people use different ones and don’t check them both. I’d give them a couple of days to answer back to confirm the address.
    Ultimately, if you really really feel uncomfortable with the sale, then you can always cancel. But that’s up to you! Good luck, I hope it’s a true blue sale!!

  2. 16 March 2010 11:35 am

    Hmm this is an interesting situation. I sell on Etsy and have never had any issues with scams, however Ebay is a lot more susceptible to scams (and I’ve caught some on there that have tried to buy my stuff as well).

    Since you make handmade stuff I would suggest selling on instead. Etsy is a great pace to build a brand and get connected with a community of handmade artists.

    By the way – thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Have a good day : )

  3. 16 March 2010 12:41 pm

    first of all, CONGRATULATIONS! i just checked your shop and see you’ve had 3 sales — woo hoo!

    second, i buy stuff from Etsy all the time. i have one confirmed address (my po box) and another unconfirmed address. like BleuRoo, the fact that they’ve paid, is a good sign.

    cheer up — you had a sale!

    • 16 March 2010 12:44 pm

      You’re totally right! I’m just nervous to celebrate too soon! Of course I’m grateful someone even chose my shop to purchase something from. Thanks for the support!

  4. 16 March 2010 7:17 pm

    Congratulations…its probably fine…I just made my first international sale so i understand your nervousness!

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