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Hollywood Attitude

15 March 2010

I met a very unpleasant man yesterday.

J and I were running some errands on the dreary Sunday afternoon when we passed a Hollywood Video that was going out of business.  Because I love love love box sets of tv shows – and we had just been to three {yes, three!} Best Buys looking for something, where I checked the price on House, Season 2, at all three – we decided to stop in to see what the prices were.

When a local Blockbuster was going out of business a few weeks before Christmas, I went in and literally cleaned them out.  At $15 a boxed set, I bought three sets for my mom for Christmas, one for myself, and a few movies for friends.  It was fantastic.

I thought $15 was reasonable enough, but at the Hollywood Video, after looking around for a good 15 minutes, J and I got into line.  Behind the cotton candy that was in line.

There was this huge display of cotton candy between me and the checker so I had to reach my arm around the display to put my House on the counter.  Instead of being polite, the guy behind the counter acted like I had put the cotton candy in such an inconvenient place.  He’s all, “Can you step over here so you’re not BEHIND the cotton candy?”

“Surely!” was my response.  Okay, maybe with a little less pep, but friendly nonetheless.

So as he’s taking those funny little safety bars out of my first DVD box, I ask him for the total.  I wanted to know if I was going to get a box set rate before he took all those little bars out.  Nope.  He treated me like a math leper.  “Welllll, three at $10 each would be $20.”

“Oh.  $20?  Hm.”

…”No, thank you though.  I don’t want them.”

Then he grimaced and shoved the little safety bar back in.  As J and I walk away, toward the door, he says while looking down, “You’re not going to find a price better than that at some place like Best Buy.”

Ha!  Little did he know that I had just done extensive pricing at Best Buy!  In fact, seasons 3 and 4 were both on sale for $20 each!  I needed season 2, so I did not buy them, but those were the same price – and new!

AND THEN as we’re reaching the door, he says – which J heard, I didn’t, because I was already fuming – “It makes no sense that you’d stand around the store for so long, not to buy anything.”

Pch!  Can you believe that?  I suppose because his store is going out of business that he’s no longer held to usual customer service standards?

I ranted to J for the next five minutes about how rude I thought he was, how pathetic it was to comment on the length of time we were in the store as though we were wasting it.  It’s none of his business what I do with my time!

Phew!  Did anyone else have a nasty experience this weekend?  I hope not!

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