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In Full Bloom

4 March 2010

The other day I was browsing through How-Tuesdays on etsy’s Storque blog since I had never really looked through the tutorials there before – with the exception of a really scary but awesome Halloween costume.

This week, I found a tutorial for a seemingly pricey seedling kit – to be used as a favor at a wedding, etc – which I thought was really cute.  But since it had so many components (AND I’m not engaged, ha), I thought I’d keep looking.

I linked over to Project Wedding (kind of like a lower-key The Knot), where the seedling kit originated, and found a really beautiful, less expensive DIY idea; tulip bulbs.

{ DIY Tulip Bulb Favors, photo credit to }

{ DIY Tulip Bulb Favors, photo credit to }

What I like about them is that they are {a} fresh; {b} welcome in most homes, I’d think; {c} mostly a crowd pleaser; {d} environmentally friendly, especially if you hunt down recycled paper bags; and {e} you can tailor them to match your wedding based on your {i} flower(s) and your {ii} price range for favors.  I’d say that’s a…. sextuple score!

Any other inexpensive DIY ideas for party/wedding favors?  Or maybe not even DIY but environmentally friendly favors?

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