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Cribs, York-Style

23 February 2010
{ 5x5 Red Boots, f2images }

{ 5x5 Red Boots, f2images }

Over the weekend, J and I went to York, Pennsylvania for one of his best friend’s surprise birthday getaway planned by his thoughtful wife.  There were 17 of us in two houses along the river.

It was a great trip.  The drive to get there was short, the people were friendly, and the accomodations were nice.  It turns out we were only supposed to get one house, but the management threw in the second house for free because… well, I don’t know why exactly.

Thank goodness for that.  The second house was like something out of MTV’s Cribs.  Two fridges, two freezers, three or four ovens, a deep fryer, warming drawers, two sinks – all stainless steel.  And that was just the kitchen!  It was amazing!

The bathroom was seriously the size of my bedroom, and the shower was the size of my bathroom.  It was one of those with the shower head that’s like a rainfall, with other nozzles coming at you on the sides.  I didn’t get to take a shower in there but it looked amazing.

Thanks so much to L for planning the trip!

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