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Felt Intimidated

19 February 2010
{ Caravan Handpainted Roving, FreckleFaceFibers }

{ Caravan Handpainted Roving, FreckleFaceFibers }

I’m fascinated by felt.  I can’t decide if it’s a medium I can tackle or not.  J and I made wet-felted soaps for our family members for Christmas this past year.  It was tricky, to say the least.  It took us a few nights, and each night it felt like we had to relearn how to do it.  All in all I’d say it wasn’t that fun because it was so frustrating!  It didn’t help that our soaps were irregularly shaped, but still.

I wet-felted a few balls to just see if I could do it.  I started with yarn centers that I just balled up and tried to make as uniform as possible.  Because I had a pretty ugly yellow ball already made, I glued it to one of my ring findings.  And voila.  Now I have a pincushion ring, so that’s kind of cool.

But what I really want to do are what some (a lot, actually) etsy sellers are doing, like the gobs of balls in the first picture or the beautifully constructed flowers in the second picture:

{ Red Orange, Feltik }

{ Red Orange, Feltik }

{ felt flower in red, evalinen }

{ felt flower in red, evalinen }

A quick search for “felted necklace” on etsy turns up a whopping 214 pages!  How can you ever expect your goods to get noticed that way unless you have a really unique design?

Ahhhh!  Oversaturation will be the death of our businesses!

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  1. 20 February 2010 2:24 am

    i love felt, too and i think it’s the texture which appeals to me the most. do you have any pics of your pin cushion ring? i bet it turned out cute!

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