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Time’s a Tickin

9 February 2010

{ 1960s Fun Flower Clock eclecticquirky }

{ 1960s Fun Flower Clock eclecticquirky }

I wish I had had all of my supplies – materials for my earrings as well as packaging – this past weekend during our massive snow storm so that I could have finally opened my shop!  I feel thisclose to being ready.

So far, I have ordered (and let me consult my trusty Excel goals/supplies tracker for this recap):

{} bubble mailers  (from – free shipping!)

{} business cards  (from – they’re great!  Use coupon code VALUE100 for 100 free value business cards; you just have to pay about $15 in shipping and handling)

{} coupon postcards  (from VistaPrint – free… just had to pay shipping!)

{} return address labels  (also from VistaPrint for free)

{} tissue paper  (from

{} boxes for my earrings  (also from

{} raffia ribbon (“wraffia”) to wrap around my boxes, for decoration  (

{} a few stamps to adorn my boxes

{} stamp pads – in mustard! – from Joann Fabrics

{} more supplies for my earrings so I can have a full stock; thanks etsy sellers!

I am waiting for most of these things to arrive, still, as my vacation to Las Vegas put a delay on my ordering.

What I still need to purchase:

{} cardstock for my earring cards

{} a few more stamps for my earring cards (being custom-made on etsy right now, by drum chick designs)

{} stuffing for my earring boxes; don’t want those little babies to get crushed!

{} packaging tape…….. Dollar Store, here I come!

{} address labels for my buyers – I’d like to custom-make these as well, just to spruce up my packaging and continue my marketing in the mail!

{} stamps (?) – still working through whether I should use various stamp increments or just suck it up and use paypal shipping labels (which are so ugly!)

It’s all so exciting!  And I’ve opened my business checking account and started my business paypal account, which is currently being verified through my new bank.  I still have to set up a shipping station in my craft room, make my new earrings, take some fab photos, create some shipping profiles, and start to post my goods.

I feel the shop open date coming soon.  I’ll post the official date in a few days!!!

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