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Stamp the Yard

1 February 2010

{ vintage postage stamps, verdestudio }

{ vintage postage stamps, verdestudio }

I’m trying to decide whether to use the Paypal shipping labels {=ugly} or get my own return address and shipping labels made and adding stamps on my own.  Do you think that looks too messy?

I was thinking that a return of address label – make by Vistaprint for cheap – would be nice because I could customize it and add my logo with my address in the font I like.  It would create some conformity and continue with my branding, which I like.

I also like that I would save my ink cartridge at home – since I usually have trouble printing those paypal labels anyway.

BUT some drawbacks: the Vistaprint labels are too narrow to use for addressing {handwritten?} to my recipients, so I’ll have to go buy some and print those in color at home.  I’d like them to be dotted-lined for when I write on them, with the lines in the color of my banner.

Also, I’d need to have stamps – in strange increments – on hand.  That might be kind of fun, and hopefully eventually it will become a hassle for me {more sales=hassle}, but I think at the start it will only be a challenge at first, when I’m figuring out what increments they come in and how many I’ll need to use.  Plus, I don’t want the package to look too sloppy, you know?

Also, will it take too much time to do all that?  Add the return of address label, add and hand write on the recipient address label, add all the stamps in their various increments after determining the weight of the package?  Do any of you do it this way?  Have you received complaints or compliments on the way your package looks when it arrives?

Then, too, I could get another custom stamp made instead of buying them from Vistaprint.  That’d be pretty awesome, too.  Hmmmm.  Another thing to ponder.

{ Rachel address stamp, lettergirl }

{ Rachel address stamp, lettergirl }

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  1. 2 February 2010 3:07 am

    i wanted to use stamps after i saw this:

    but, as you’ve pointed out, the multiple denominations of stamps would’ve been a mess!

    you’ve just inspired me to create a post on the blog about how things are packaged for the shop.

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