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Feeling Plum

27 January 2010

Did you guys do research on your “competitors” before opening your shop?  I really don’t like to call them competitors because that’s really not how I see them at all.  But for the sake of this post, I think it’s okay to call them that.

I thought I should do some research before I launch my shop to see (a) how many other shops on etsy are selling little cabochon stud earrings; (b) how much these other shops are selling similar items for (and shipping them for as well); (c) how these other shops are marketing their materials through photos, descriptions, shop banners, etc; and (d) how successful these other shops have been, and in how much time.

It’s funny, but I just feel more motivation when I see other shops selling items similar to mine doing well.  I’m happy for them, and I’m hoping their success is an indication of my future success.  I think etsy is a wonderful place for allowing people to market their items, and I would never want to “steal” or take away business from a fellow etsian by undercutting or whatever.  Yet at the same time, I will admit that my interest in starting a shop is not purely to “create art”.  I am interesting in experiencing the thrill of selling an item, of getting that rush that someone wants to buy something that I made.

I just hope that my goods will offer something that catches the eye of some shoppers and makes them want to purchase from me.  Does that make sense?

Here are some of my favorites:

{ mum earrings, nomsa }

{ mum earrings, nomsa }

nomsa on etsy inspired me first.  Her items are beautifully photographed, well priced, and described very well.  Plus, she’s from DC!  And she has over 2,000 sales!  Impressive.

{ plum post earrings, theGlassOnion }

{ plum post earrings, theGlassOnion }

{ half as hard, earrings, TheArdentSparrow }

{ half as hard, earrings, TheArdentSparrow }

{ petite bloom earrings, linkeldesigns }

{ petite bloom earrings, linkeldesigns }

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