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The Thrift Itch

25 January 2010
{ vintage black and white studs, itsastitch }

{ vintage black and white studs, itsastitch }

I’ve been getting the thrift store itch.  Not that I don’t always have it, but I’m feeling like I need to go soon.  It’s been about 2.5 weeks and I’m having withdrawal!

I was thinking about scouring the thrift store for some vintage earring studs, kind of like the ones I hope to sell on my shop, except the ones I’ll make will be from vintage cabochons and charms and adding the backs myself.  Does anyone know how to sterilize vintage earring studs?  I read a few tutorials online, but they all say something different.  That’s the one thing I’m concerned with…..  Otherwise I think it’ll be awesome to offer some truly vintage studs.

Today is Monday, so everything in the thrift store I go to is 25% off.  I think this evening might be an excellent time to go!

Too bad I’m working an extra hour all week – which means 10.5 hours a day!  Yikes!  Not cool.  But what’s a better way to pipe up from a long day than a little thrift store parusing?

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