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Get your Coups

19 January 2010

I hope everyone had a happy Martin Luther King Day on – not off!  I would have loved to do some service, and plan to soon.  I don’t think it absolutely needs to be on Martin Luther King day to fulfill the dream, so to speak.


I hope my {future!} customer are happy with my newest creation: a coupon postcard!

{Don’t worry – I think the white text will show up better in real life and be easier to read….. at least I hope!}

I plan to include one in every package that ships out.  I really struggled with deciding how to come up with a good coupon.  Should it be a buy-one-get-one?  Should it be a certain percentage off of the most expensive / least expensive item?  Should it be off the entire order?  Should it have an expiration date?

What would be enough to entice a buyer to become a repeat buyer without my losing too much so that it’s no longer worth it?

How have you guys worked out coupons?  Have you always offered them or just occasionally?

I’m actually just really excited that I could figure out the devil Photoshop enough to get it going.  And with Vistaprint’s amazing “sales” (read: free things), it looks like the whole order – with full color – will come in at about $3 for shipping… for 100!  That’s pretty awesome, right?

Another thing checked off the list!

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  1. 19 January 2010 10:53 pm

    my shop is only 2 weeks old, so i don’t have any wisdom to share, per se. but, i think this is a great idea and i love your coupon design.

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