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Check, Check, Check

18 January 2010

I can’t believe it!  I’m finally getting a few steps closer to opening my etsy shop!

In the past week, I’ve made progress (thanks to my best friend’s mom) on the logo front, which has helped with my business card design.  I just need to move a few more things around on my mom’s computer (devil Photoshop) and then I’ll be ready to order those!  I can’t WAIT to get them in the mail.

I’ve also tweaked my shop policies draft for etsy.  I think it’s friendly and covers almost everything.  I drafted a shop announcement to post when I launch and used the Storque’s tips for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to determine what is a good formula for shop item titles.

I also sent in my Change of Address documentation (and check!, dag) to the State so that I’ll be legit on that front.

Annnnnd I’ve done some research on how to get my items organized once they’ve been created and are waiting to get bought and shipped.  I’m thinking of using some of those thread spools and hanging them from the wall (I already have a few there but they’re, well, for thread) BECAUSE I’ve thought about using gift tags (a la my gift tag tutorial and inspiration from other etsy sellers – I’d give credit here but didn’t save them!) as earring cards.  This way my earrings can be given as gifts by attaching them right to another gift or they can be given on the tag as just an interesting way to receive earrings.

I also found, in the archives for the blog, posts called “Make Space for Crafting”.  I need that visual representation of organization, so this was an awesome find!  A few of my favorites:

{ droolworthy storage system, Craftzine }

{ droolworthy storage system, Craftzine }

{ desk area, Craftzine }

{ desk area, Craftzine }

{ magnetic organizer, Craftzine }

{ magnetic organizer, Craftzine }

There’s a tutorial on for how to make the magnetic organizer, too.

I think once I finish my pending DIYs, too, I’ll be more organized.

Either way, I think I’ve been quite successful over the last week!  And once I get my business cards in, I’ll show you!

How do you stay organized in your crafting / creating space?  How do you keep your supplies organized, and how do you organize your finished products waiting for purchase?  I’m wondering if I should label or group like items… can’t decide…

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  1. 18 January 2010 1:06 pm

    i’m at the edge of my seat. i’m excited for your grand opening. 🙂

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