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Antsy in my Pantsy

11 January 2010

I feel good today!  I’m finally starting to feel really pumped about starting a new business.  I have felt pumped the whole time, but I think the apprehension and self-doubt has really overshadowed the excitement of creating something that is totally mine – albeit unoriginal {though are there really any original ideas anymore? Okay, yes, there are but it makes me feel better to think this way…}

I’ve asked one of my best friends, R, to ask his mom for some graphic design help.  Another friend helped a bit with my banner, which I am so grateful for – since Photoshop is the devil – but he’s been busy with work, and I really need to get moving with my business cards.  The logo’s got me down, so once I have that on track, I’ll be feeling really good.  I’d like to have everything purchased that I need to start selling by oh, say, early March?  That doesn’t leave me much time!

I’m still brewing on my ideas for packaging my little earring studs.  You know, ones that look kind of like the ones she made on Grosgrain?

{ flower studs, Grosgrain }

{ flower studs, Grosgrain }

Here’s the awesome tutorial {also from Grosgrain} on how to make them.

I’ve thought of a few ideas, but nothing really screams at me to do it.  Here’s what I’ve got from browsing the etsy forums and etsy posts with pictures of packaging:

{} poke holes in your business card and use the card itself as an earring holder; could even hole punch the top width for hanging on display

{} use a small piece of cardstock or a tag and add a sweet stamp or text, with holes for the earrings {inspired by Heart of Light}

{ pins with tags, Heart of Light }

{ pins with tags, Heart of Light }

{} just placing the earrings in a fiber-lined box; I worry about them getting jostled around, though, and I’d like to have an idea already up and running for if I ever choose to try a craft show

{} using completely blank business cards as earring cards and stamping my milk bottle in the middle so that the earring studs would flank it on either side; maybe a sweet text stamp on the back?

What do you guys think?  I want something that pops, something that’s attractive but also useful.  I don’t want to add additional supplies that are not going to be helpful to me or the customer.  I think this will require some more thought…

Regardless, I’m antsy!  I’m ready to start!

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