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A Sponge for Design

8 January 2010
{ Design*Sponge banner }

{ Design*Sponge banner }

Grace Bonney, over at Design*Sponge, has been writing her home and product design blog since 2004.  It covers everything – “store and product reviews, city, product, and gift guidesdiy projectsbefore & after furniture and home makeovers, home toursrecipesvideos and podcasts, and trend forecasting“.  What’s great about it, too, is that it’s a daily blog.  That’s one of the things on our list of ways to get your blog read (not that Ms. Bonney needs any help with that!) – to post frequently and consistently.

One of my favorite posts on Design*Sponge is from her early 2009 blog archives – her series on Starting Your Own Etsy Business.  She featured three guest bloggers, creators of vintage etsy shop Blue Bell Bazaar and {now} bricks-and-mortar shop White Elephant Vintage and then followed up with her own tips on starting her vintage etsy shop, Abigail Vintage.

{ Blue Bell Bazaar, etsy shop view }

{ Blue Bell Bazaar, etsy shop view }

These interviews are great to read if you’re interested in starting your own etsy or other shop – like Big Cartel, which I had never heard of.  A few things I learned:

{} take a risk. etsy is an inexpensive venue for selling your stuff, so don’t hold back for fear of risking too much capital.

{} offer coupons to customers who spend over a certain amount, ie $50, to encourage repeat customers. I was always thinking about offering coupons to everyone, but maybe this is the way to go instead

{} consider if what you’re making/selling is something you yourself would want to own. We’ve all been to the thrift store and found that thing that we thought someone else couldn’t live without, right? And then once we bring it home it occurs to us that we’d never keep it, so why would anyone else?

{} base your price point on what similar goods are selling for – on etsy and even ebay, etc. Don’t underprice to make a sale because you need to pay yourself for your time.

{} a stylized photograph makes all the difference (duh! but seriously!)

{ Starting Your Own Business, Design Sponge }

{ Starting Your Own Business, Design Sponge }

I only just stumbled upon this blog a few months ago, but I can already tell it’s going to be one of my favorites!  Do you have any favorite blogs that are your go-to for DIY, craft tutorials, trend predictions, recipes, or gift-giving?  I’d love to find a few new favorites!

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