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Creatively Type A

7 January 2010

A few weeks ago my new coworker stumbled upon a blog called Young House Love.  It’s a blog written by a young married couple in Virginia who own their first home and are working really hard to “fix it up” – or really just to update it and style it to be exactly as they’d like.  It has in fact become so successful that the female writer, Sherry, has quit her day job (holler at the Storque!) and earns her living full time writing for her blog and a few other written outlets about her DIY projects and home renovations.

{ clog this, Young House Love }

{ clog this, Young House Love }

What I love about this blog is that it’s written for people who don’t really know what they’re doing (like me).  These two people bought their first home not knowing much about renovations and now make half (estimation!) their income from DIY.  That’s amazing!  And it’s inspiring.

I also love how they make use of their space efficiently.  Here’s an example of one small snippet of their wrapping/stationery station in their guest bedroom.  Everything is within easy reach and isn’t an eye-sore for guests.  I’m hoping to clean up my craft room in the next few weeks and aspire to stay as tidy as this:

{ how ya bin, Young House Love }

{ how ya bin, Young House Love }


How do you guys stay organized?  Any crafty Type A’s?  Have any blogs that inspire you to neaten up your act?

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