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Mushy Brain Disorder

6 January 2010

My brain is not functioning properly anymore.  I’ve been at work all week for 10.5 hours each day, and it really starts to drag toward the end.  Actually, who am I kidding?  It drags the whole time.

Do you ever have that feeling of being sucked dry of all creative energy so that by the time you get home from work, it doesn’t matter how pumped up you’ve been all day to get to crafting because now you have no energy to actually do anything?

What are some ways you rejuvenate yourself when you get home from work?  How do you stimulate your creative side when you can’t motivate yourself to get started?

I try to think of what it is the end product will be.  How I will use it or who I will give it to.  What it will look like.  That usually motivates me to get crackin.

That, or I turn on Bravo and sit back to enjoy one of my deliciously dramatic vices.

Here’s a little online shopping eye candy for you to dream about warmer days and put some spring in your step:

{ beach blanket bingo suit, modcloth }

{ beach blanket bingo suit, modcloth }

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