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Have I Caught Your Eye?

5 January 2010

So as much as we try to remain humble, we don’t write to the world for no one to read it, do we?  And as a vehicle to drive visitors to my future etsy store, this blog should have at least a few followers, right?

Here are some easy ways to increase readership and commentship on your own blog:

{} Comment on posts – People like to know that you’re reading their blog, and they might just visit yours if you write something interesting in their Comments section.  Other commenters might find their way to your blog as well this way.

{} Write snappy headlines – like mine!  I like to add puns or euphemisms in my titles and plan to continue.  A catchy headline will do just that – catch your reader.  And hopefully reading one post will lead to reading the previous and then, before you know it, your new visitor will have sifted through your archives.  That’s what I did with Grosgrain and now it’s one of my most visited and coveted blogs.

{ Grosgrain banner }

{} Keep it clean – Don’t busy up your blog or else people won’t want to dig through all the clutter to get to the content.  Less is more.  Keep the side panels relatively clean, as well.

{} Pictures are worth all those words – Add interesting (but not unnecessary) photos to create visual interest with your posts – ESPECIALLY if your blog revolves around creating and designing and producing.

{ button art, bird }

{ button art, bird }

{} “Make it work” – As Tim Gunn would say.  Get your blog in working order.  Make sure the links work.  Make sure the photos link to outside blogs if they’re meant to.  Make sure the blog functions as it should.  No one wants to deal with a blog they have to battle each time they visit.

{} Post!!! – Some of my favorite blogs are no longer my favorite blogs because the blogger stopped posting or the posts became too far apart.  I read blogs for entertainment, so entertain!  And if you don’t have time to post frequently, at least post consistently.

{} Invite comments – Get your visitors involved in the conversation, the tutorial, the problem-solving.  People like to feel needed and included, and they do when you speak to them directly.

{} Be open-ended – Allow room for commenters to give their opinions without feeling like they’re going against what you’re saying.  The internet is full of opinions, so slide over and make room.  And respond to comments if you have an interest in what someone has said.

{} Admit your shortcomings – Readers like to see that you’re human, too, so concede to shortcomings.  You’ll likely get some comments about people with the same experiences.

{} And finally, REWARD comments – like my favorite blog, Grosgrain, does!  I swear I’m not paid to mention that blog, I just love it so much that I want you to love it too!  Grosgrain has contests that allow for visitors to enter by adding a comment to the post.  This is a great way to generate not only comments but visits to your blog.

I hope this helps both you and me.  Thanks to ProBlogger and The Blog Herald for the tips.

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  1. 15 January 2010 8:03 am

    Hi again, Milk Money. I like your list of ways to get readers to your blog. In my experience, now having had a blog for a year, the very best way is to go to other bloggers and comment. That was the only thing that got my readership up. Well, I didn’t try giveaways.

    I love that you have so many photos and your layout is clean. The pix especially, I think, give people a sense of your aesthetic and that can only help when you’re hoping to direct people to your Etsy shop.

    I’m trying to follow your blog but I don’t see where to do that. I’m not so familiar with WordPress. Anyway, good luck!

    • 15 January 2010 9:50 am

      Thanks again for the comments! I think on my right sidebar there’s a way to sign up for email subscriptions for my blog. Is there another way to do it through your blog provider? I hope this helps!

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