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31 December 2009

So weddings are on my mind today. I spent a good portion of the last two hours searching for engagement rings online. My coworker – who just set her wedding date – and I discussed wedding portfolios and dresses and bridesmaids and rings… and a little bit about grooms too. But I’m not even engaged! I guess it’s just that obsessive part of my personality that wants to be prepared – should it ever happen.

One of my favorite wedding blogs – not that I have many – is 100 Layer Cake. It’s great for the future bride or groom who also loves to craft and create. And the photographs are so rich and vivid! Real people submit wedding photos to show off their projects that culminated into their DIY wedding. I love it!

Here’s one of my favorite ideas from a recent post that would be so easy:

napkins rolled in vintage fabric

{ napkins rolled in vintage fabric }

Can’t you just imagine all your soft flannels or bright stripes or creamy silk nuzzling your guests’ napkins? And you could even add the patterns and colors from the fabrics to your invitations and save-the-dates. Or make garland from the same fabrics, like this (also from 100 Layer Cake):

fabric garland

So simple yet so charming.

I’m also always on the search for a great wedding gift. Yeah, if I were getting married, I’d probably want money or a house tool – I dream about owning a Dyson – but who wants to GIVE money or a house tool? NOT ME! I’d much rather pick one of the following finds from etsy:

custom his and hers mugs

{ custom his and hers mugs, BROOKLYNrehab, wedding gift }

personalized pet portrait

{ personalized pet portrait, sharonlamb, wedding gift}

Livingston clock, FaireHoure

{ Livingston wall clock, FaireHoure, wedding gift}

itty bitty shabby chalkboard

{ itty bitty shabby chalkboard, funkiefinds, wedding gift }

And ha! Take that, gift guides! I didn’t even use the Wedding gift guide! I came up with those all on my own! (…well… maybe I did get some help from the “Personalized” gift guide.)

And if you’re interested in tutorials for either the plate wall clock or the framed chalkboard, check out the directions at the first link below and one of my favorite blogs at the second link so you can DIY some wedding gifts of your own!

dinner plate wall clock

Heart of Light blog, vintage framed chalkboard

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