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Hello World!

30 December 2009

I think that’s a great way to kick off my first post, so thank you, WordPress.

I thought I’d start a blog so that I could document my steps as I launch my first etsy shop.  In addition to those steps, I thought it might be nice to have a place to talk about DIYing, making crafts, giving homemade goods to friends and family, and trying to grow up a bit.  I’m hoping to buy a house in a year and a half or so, so this blog might focus on some of the steps to home ownership as well.  And of course, I’d love a chance to talk about some of my other favorite blogs, of which I have many.

I guess I have a few apprehensions about starting a blog, though, which is why I’ve put it off.  First, am I going to be interesting enough?  Second, do I talk to “you” or “them” or myself or who exactly?  Third, do I have enough to say?  I think anyone who knows me would say yes, absolutely, since I don’t ever stop talking, but when writing for potential other people’s reading, that changes things, doesn’t it?

So I think I’ll leave my first post at that.  It’ll take me a while to get into a groove, I’m sure, so this is a fine – albeit  awkward – start.

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